Q: What  do Monty Python’s Eric Idle, Gene Simmons of Kiss fame,  and Adrienne Clarkson, former Governor General of Canada, have in common? 

A: They’ve all had the pleasure of being interviewed by Andrew J. Borkowski.

Ever since he saved his school paper from the sharp pencils of deficit-fighting student politicians, Andrew has been a working journalist, contributing news articles, investigative features, and travel pieces (as well as restaurant, gallery, book, theatre and TV reviews) to over twenty publications. Arts and media reporting have been his specialty, beginning with his nine-year stint as editor of SCAN, the award-winning bimonthly publication of the CBC Producer’s Associations and the Canadian Media Guild. Reporting to a board of distinguished producers and journalists from programs such as the fifth estate, Man Alive, Sunday Morning and The National, Andrew covered the CBC and the larger broadcasting arena during a decade of tumultuous change wrought by cutbacks and the onset of the digital revolution. 

After leaving SCAN in 1998, Andrew combined his media background with his other field of expertise: parenting. He went to work as TV Guide’s “Family Viewing” columnist from 2001 to 2006. Today he continues to cover kids’ television, plus gaming, music, and digital entertainment as ParentsCanada magazine’s “Media Guy.”

More of the many fab and famous people Andrew has interviewed:

folksinger Pete Seeger

The National’s Peter Mansbridge

figure skating legend Toller Cranston

Hockey Night In Canada’s Don Cherry

Denny Doherty of the Mamas and the Papas

Don Ferguson and Roger Abbott of The Royal Canadian Air Farce

playwright George F. Walker

Frank Shuster of Wayne and Shuster

Sesame Street’s Grover

Olympic Gold Medalist Donovan Bailey

Some other places were Andrew’s work has appeared:

The Globe and Mail

The Los Angeles Times

Quill & Quire


Fashion, Flare, and Chatelaine

The Ottawa Citizen

The Winnipeg Free Press

The Canadian Forum

©Andrew J. Borkowski, 2011