Editorial Services

(for John Wiley and Sons, Canada, Ltd.):

Brave Battalion, by Mark Zuelhke

Corvettes Canada (revised edition), by Mac Johnston

Kandahar Tour, by Lee Windsor & David Charters

Biology 11, McGraw-Hill Ryerson

Tar Sands (revised edition), by Andrew Nikiforuk, Greystone Books

More Good News, by David Suzuki and Holly Dressel, Greystone Books

(for John Wiley and Sons, Canada, Ltd.):

Showdown, by Jerry Langton

Sniper, by Jon Wells

Bayou of Pigs, by Stewart Bell

Here are just a few of the books Andrew has had the pleasure of proofing or editing:

Military History

Science and the Environment

True Crime


As a writer who believes that “writing is re-writing,” Andrew honed his sense of structure and his feel for the rhythm and flow of language by crafting his own magazine articles and short stories through multiple drafts. He studied the essentials of editing at the Carleton University School of Journalism, then augmented that training with courses at the Ryerson University Publishing Program while editing and assigning articles by Canada’s top journalists as editor of SCAN magazine.

Since then, he has worked on projects ranging from high school science texts to business self-help books, true crime, military history, and Ph.D. theses. He brings to these projects the same passion for clear and engaging prose that he brings to his own work—and he can obsess over comma placement with the best of them.